December Lowes Coupon Generator Update

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December Lowes Coupon Generator Update

Post by tinyursa » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:11 pm

I have an update and some information for people about coupon generation and moving forward. Some people are speculating the new coupons are only valid if they are generated on Lowes end. This could be correct however my findings are their are more validity checks in the rest of the coupon numbers noticeably the $20 off $100. I have also found some higher % off mastercodes however when these were released in the past they were abused and sold.

I'm trying to figure out the best method to release this update to LCG but I want it done in a way they won't be sold on ebay and abused. Lowes is calling their new coupon system Version 2. The way they validate the rest of the numbers such as the 5 random numbers could easily be changed month to month or multiple times a month.

Some people are mass validating random coupons and storing them in a database this is not an efficient way to make coupons even being an automated method. Lowes tracks ip addresses and other things every time a coupon code is entered on their website this is nothing new however they are storing more information than before.

I have been super busy and have been neglecting deal storm I'm going to try to get this to be a better more diverse community. Thanks for your support! :D

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